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Because we have been in the trade for many years, we have good relations with wholesalers, dealers and collectors. We also have our own collection of new, old and antique pieces. Any particular piece you may have in mind can be found through these sources at competitive prices. If you are not sure about which origin and design, we can provide sound advise depending on your preference of tones, motifs and fibre. Once we are instructed, we can deliver an appropriate selection of rugs (5 to 7 pieces) to your home for you to view in your own environment and privacy. Finding suitable rugs may take up to two weeks as we like to make sure we source the best pieces for your needs. We can also help if you are wishing to sell or exchange your rug.

This service is provided free of charge with no obligation.


Although not required and not widely-used, underlays can provide additional protection to a handmade rug. If the rug sits on hard surface, but uneven, this will eventually cause damage to your rug, foundation threads need even surface to sit firmly. If underlays used, padded backing will protect the fibres of the foundations and give additional support to the knotting of the rug. If the surface is hard and even, you do not need to use underlays. Rugs should not be placed on wall to wall carpets as the foundations do not get the firm support they need.

Another situation you may need underlays is if you have slipping issues with small rugs placed on polished surfaces. To avoid accidents, it can be ideal to use underlay for firm placement.

Best types of underlays are madefrom solid sponge rubber. We stock two types of fine quality underlays to be used on wooden or stone flooring.d


Valuation service is most often needed for insurance purposes or consideration of selling / replacing a rug. Our valuation letter can be used as 'a certificate of authenticity and value'. Valuation document details the origin of the piece, material (wool or silk), age, quality of the knotting, wool and dying. We provide free valuation service for our existing customers or with any orders, otherwise £80 fee applies. dddd

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